Living on Purpose

DeannaMichel Inc.

Holding company for DeannaMichel Boutique, The Be Factor, Sisters-N-Bloom and DeannaMichel Consulting. Our mission supports leadership and empowerment with a commitment to living on purpose and experiencing one’s fullest potential.


A contemporary ladies apparel brand with a promise that believes in a fashion industry valuing people and the environment. Our target clients are fashion-forward women driven by uniqueness and desire to accentuate confidence and class through style.


Personalized image consulting for "where to be", "how to be" and "what to be" on any occasion. We shop garments and accessories from a variety of brands and boutiques that compliment our client's personality, body type and lifestyle.


A foundation dedicated to inspiring confidence and building self-esteem. Our program provides scholarships to encourage women and girls to empower their passion and purpose to define their platform, expression of self and make a difference.