Living on Purpose


Ms. Deanna has an extensive background in personal development, project management and education. She is multifaceted as a leading consultant for key leadership initiatives in the Oil & Gas, Salon & Day Spa and Fashion industries. Her life's purpose is expressed through a commitment to live on purpose and inspire others to strive to experience their fullest potential.


Our DeannaMichel women's apparel collections are comprised of influences drawing from bohemian and chic motifs. We design free and romantic garments targeted to fashion-forward women driven by uniqueness and desire to accentuate her confidence and class through style. Embrace designs, colors and styles that express you!


Time is a precious asset and we deserve to spend it wisely. If we know "where to be", "how to be" and "what to be" on any given occasion, then time is well spent. The Be Factor is your lifestyle management partner to get you there with a statement. We offer exclusive concierge, coaching, and image consulting resources to keep you at your best.


Sisters-N-Bloom is an advocacy platform dedicated to building self-esteem and inspiring confidence in women and girls. Our program provides life tools that inspire women to start living! We are a vehicle to initiate conversations about beauty, self-esteem and encourage women to use their voice, talents and passions to make a difference.